Redbridge Buddhist Cultural Centre hosts lively discussion for women of different faiths

A lively discussion, accompanied by tea and biscuits, was hosted at a Buddhist centre in Ilford for women of different faiths.

Redbridge Faith Forum organised the Women’s Interfaith Workshop yesterday (Weds) and said they plan to have many more events over the coming year.

The workshops were brought back after a number of women expressed an interest in having women only discussions centred around faith, but encompassing wider issues.

Shamshia Ali, from the forum, said: “We haven’t had a women’s group meeting for a while and lots of women have stated an interest in it and were very keen for it to continue. There is a demand and we are going to meet it.”

The workshop was held at the Redbridge Buddhist Cultural Centre, Balfour Road.

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The topic was “Defining Inner Peace and Spirituality”, but Miss Ali said it was more of a springboard for debate.

“The topic was spirituality and how we find it in difficult times like this,” she said. “It’s allowed them to be open in discussions on any topic relating to women in a safe and secure environment.”

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She said that some women may not feel comfortable talking about some issues in a large public meeting, especially on more personal topics.

“Some women need a space like this as it gives them the opportunity to express themselves as they might not feel confident in big public meetings – especially with issues like domestic violence,” she added.

She said such meetings also give women a chance to meet new friends of different religions and learn more about their neighbours.

“It’s an opportunity for neighbours who live and work next to each other to meet and open up which increases understanding. It’s a space to ask questions and not be judged.”

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