Ramadan 2021: Ilford mum on enjoying daily fast

Ruthba Amin calls Ramadan a celebration and is looking forward to having a big community meal once Covid is behind us. 

Ruthba Amin calls Ramadan a celebration and is looking forward to having a big community meal once Covid is behind us. - Credit: Ruthba Amin

As part of our series on Ramadan, the Recorder spoke with early years practitioner Ruthba Amin on why she looks forward to fasting and hopes for a big community meal post-Covid.

The mum-of-two looks forward to fasting for 16 hours every day for a whole month because it reminds her of more important things in life. 

She said: "Taking away focus from the daily struggles of life, taking the time to become more spiritual, to be more empathetic of others, to put all quarrels aside, to make amends, it is truly a spectacular month."

She calls Ramadan a celebration which brings her closer to her faith and to help others.

"It’s a time to reach others less fortunate than us and to give them help and support.

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"Although these are all things we do throughout the year, sometimes we can get lost in the daily struggles of life and forget about the things that really matter.

"Ramadan teaches us self-discipline, self-control, sacrifice and empathy."

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She said she is blessed to live in a joint family under one household in Ilford so there are a lot of people to share Iftar (the meal to break the daily fast) with. 

"Under the full lockdown Ramadan was strange. We are always having family and friends over for Iftar but this was not possible.

"I was so upset that we could not eat together and so I cooked a big meal and dropped it off to all my sisters houses, so that at least we were eating the same food together, even if not at the same table.

"I know of many people who have lost their loved ones during Covid and so this has made it a particularly difficult time because we cannot mourn with others in the conventional ways but we are coping the best we can given the circumstances.

"Overall, Ramadan is a time I love and I’m honoured to be sharing my love for it with everyone who is reading this.

"Once all this is over, we should have a big community feast and share our food, and our life experiences with each other." 

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