Radio presenter comes to the rescue of South Woodford woman having the ‘worst day ever’

From left: Choice FM presenter Jade Avia and Sophie Seaton

From left: Choice FM presenter Jade Avia and Sophie Seaton - Credit: Archant

As 22-year-old Sophie Seaton walked to the railway station to work on Tuesday, she was about to have her “worst morning ever”.

Having just started a new job and her first big client meeting set for that morning, she had locked herself out and left her purse at home.

After pleading with some friendly ticket officers who let her get on the train, she found herself stuck behind the barriers at Holborn.

Having called her boyfriend, mum and dad she decided to give up and send a text message to request a song on the radio. Which is when the radio station called her back.

Sophie, of Chigwell Road, South Woodford, said: “It was definitely the worst morning ever. I didn’t call the station for help – I just wanted a song to cheer me up.”

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Choice FM presenter Jade Avia called to see what had happened and after hearing of Sophie’s dilemma hurried to the station to give her £20.

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Sophie said: “It was the worst start to the day, but it turned out really well. I thought I was stuffed. I’ve only been working there a week and it was a really awkward situation. She really saved the day for me.”

Breakfast show presenter Jade said she was pleased to be helping someone out of a sticky situation and that those days happen to all of us. She said: “I was just happy to finally be the person helping rather than the one in the toffee.

“You never know the difference the smaller things can make to someone else’s day. She said we made her day but she made mine too. Smiles all round!”

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