Psychic who says she discovered her gift when she was five, set for Ilford show

A psychic who claims to have discovered her gift as a five-year-old, hopes to “bridge the gap” between this world and the spirt world as she tours theatres across the UK.

Medium Donna Murrell, 42, who will be making her stage debut in Ilford, has been working with celebrity clients for a number of years after “inheriting” her gift from her grandmother.

Mrs Murrell, of Rayleigh, Essex, said: “As I grew up I discovered that I had a sixth sense and I began attending spiritualist churches to develop my skills.

“During my late teens and twenties I ignored what I could do as I just wanted to fit in, but after working in an old people’s home I used to see a lot of spirits.”

In the past few years, close friends and family have encouraged Mrs Murrell to share her “extraordinary gift” and she regularly hosts small parties and events.

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She said: “I have had such positive feedback from people who have attended my events that I am really looking forward to the larger venues.

“During my shows I end up running around all over the place and rarely stay on stage. I tend to tune into someone in the audience who has someone in the spirit world wanting to talk to them.”

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Mrs Burrell added: “People find my shows comforting and the majority of the people want to find out if their loved ones are still out there. Each show is completely different.

“I understand that there will be a lot of sceptics out there. However it is so lovely when people come up to me at the end and tell me they didn’t believe before but there was no way I could have known certain details.”

n It is on at the Kenneth More Theatre, Oakfield Road, Ilford, on Wednesday at 7.30pm. Tickets £12. Call 020 8553 4466.

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