POLL: Foxes in Redbridge - friends or foes?

In Thursday’s paper, the Recorder reported how a Gants Hill resident had three foxes shot after they became a “nuisance”.

Peter Caton said the foxes had been ruining the garden and scaring his neighbour’s children.

He added: “I was reluctant to do it because I love animals but I was getting sick and tried of them.”

Other Redbridge residents have attempted to use natural methods, including urinating, to keep foxes out of their gardens.

We asked readers what they thought of foxes and many people written in support of the animals.

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Ilford resident Valerie Wright wrote to us saying she has never felt threatened by the foxes in her garden.

She said: “They like to sunbathe on our lawn and earlier this year the vixen brought her cubs to be suckled in full view.

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“We thought it a beautiful sight and felt privileged.

“I would be heartbroken if anyone harmed them.

“Please would people try to co-exist with foxes.

“They are just trying to eke out a living as their own habitat is shrinking due to the needs of the human race.”

Many Facebook users discussing the article on our website also dismissed concerns over foxes.

Sharyn Khan, of Ilford, said she feeds foxes every night.

She added: “I am very upset by the fact that Mr Caton decided to have them shot, he obviously hasn’t a clue that by doing such a dreadful and cruel act will not solve or make (his) so called problem go away.

“If he had called the Fox Project they would have given him some very useful suggestions.”

But Bernard Chaplin, of Gants Hill, insisted foxes are “a pest and a menace”.

He said: “ We have a mangy fox wandering round our area, very thin and always scratching itself, and digging into dustbins for food.

“I cannot see why the council does not remove them as necessary considering the damage that they do to the environment.”

Let us know what you think by answering the poll or emailing newsdesk@ilfordrecorder.co.uk or tweeting @ilfordrecorder.

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