Police say they have had ‘no reports’ of UFO spotted in Woodford Green

A police spokesman said they had received “no reports” of a UFO spotted in Woodford Green on Tuesday.

Graham Cass was walking his dog along Broadmead Road at about 10pm when he saw lights in the skies.

He said: “I realised it wasn’t lights from the A406, I saw circles of lights moving around. They formed into a single formation, they all shot to the centre as if it was a reaction as if it was just taking off.”

He also said his neighbour also saw the lights.

The Ministry of Defence said they were unable to comment as their UFO desk was closed down in 2009 and this was now a matter for the local police.

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A Redbridge police spokesman said: “We have had no reports of a suspicious light in the skies.”

Did you see the UFO on Tuesday? Are you prepared for an alien invasion? Contact the newsdesk on 020 8477 3828.

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