Police hunting for mugger who kicked woman, 70, in stomach to steal bag

A thief kicked a 70-year-old woman in the stomach and left her with possible broken ribs in a violent mugging in Chadwell Heath.

Police are appealing for witnesses to the attack in an alleyway between Hall Road and Percival Gardens on February 22.

A spokesman said the woman was approached by a man from behind as she entered the alley at about 3.30pm.

As he tried to snatch her handbag, the woman fell and tripped over her shopping trolley, smacking her head on the concrete floor.

She managed to keep hold of her bag.

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A police spokesman said: “The suspect said to the victim ‘give me your bag’ and then kicked her in the ribs several times while she lay on the ground.

“The victim released her grip and the suspect made off with the black leather handbag towards Hall Road.”

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The woman made her way home and police and an ambulance were called by her husband.

She was taken to Queen’s Hospital, Romford, to check for broken ribs.

Police said the alleyway is not overlooked and there are no CCTV cameras.

The suspect is described as black or Asian, 6ft 4ins and 18-20 years old with a gold tooth.

He was thin with tied up long black hair and was wearing a grey hooded top, yellow jacket and colourful trainers.

Anyone with information is asked to call police on 101 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

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