Police find haul of weapons and numberplates in Ilford estate raid

Police unearthed a haul of weapons and numberplates during a search of an Ilford estate.

Fifteen officers descended on the Flowers Estate, Ilford, in a high profile target aimed at reducing criminal activity in the area.

Insp David Brewster said the estate - made up of Lavender Place and Daffodil Gardens, was identified after concerned residents aired their views to police.

Sgt Douglas Fyfe of Loxford Safer Neighbourhood Team said, “The sweep was very successful. I would like to thank the specialist search team for their help in taking this property out of circulation as, if it remained at the location, it may be used for anti social behaviour purposes in the future.”

Officeers searched through rubbish which was strewn across the floor, clothing and several dumped mattresses.

A golf club was found, which police believe may have been used to smash the windows of a nearby ground floor flat last month.

Special equipment to search drains was used, and officers found several number plates had been dumped in them, which police have connected to a stolen car and one used to steal petrol.

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Two knives, a Stanley knife, metal chain, and cricket bat were some of the property found by the police specialist search team.

Issues surrounding the estate were taken up by residents at an area meeting in December.

Sgt Fyfe added: “This is not over yet. We will continue to hold patrols of the estate to cut down on crime there.”