PICTURES: London Underground celebrated at eye-catching Newbury Park flower festival

Welcome to Gants Hill station. Picture posted to by Ron Jeffries

Welcome to Gants Hill station. Picture posted to by Ron Jeffries - Credit:

Thousands of flowers were woven, placed and positioned to perfection to represent Underground stations, with some displays up to six feet high.

The St Peter’s Church flower festival attracted thousands of visitors during Saturday, Sunday and yesterday, some of whom travelled from far and wide to see the huge floral displays.

This year the London Underground marks its 150th anniversary and festival organisers said celebrations would not have been complete until they were in floral form.

Numerous floral displays adorned the church in Aldborough Road North, Newbury Park.

To see some of them, click on the gallery link above.

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One of the organisers was Mary Garrett, who also helped create three of the floral displays. She has taken part in flower festivals at St the church for three decades.

Mrs Garrett, of Aldborough Road North, said: “I’ve been to all of them. It’s really grown. People come from miles to see it – Kent, Surrey, Suffolk, all sorts of places.”

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She said the ladies who do the flowers for the church meet together each January to discuss what the theme of that year’s flower festival should be.

“On the church rota there are about 15 of us. It gives everybody a great sense of being together and doing the thing they love,” Mrs Garrett said. “It’s therapeutic doing flower arranging.”

After helping to decide this year’s theme, she set to work with her friend Val Smith. The pair recreated St Paul’s Cathedral, Temple Church and a purely white display to represent Angel.

Mrs Garrett said: “We used a bit of staging to represent the dome of St Paul’s and different articles in the flowers so you can recognise them.

“The arrangements are quite big and take up the whole of the window space.”

The women believe that, in their arrangement alone, they used hundreds of flowers, including delphiniums, roses and gladioli.

The festival, which ended yesterday evening, also featured bands, stage school performances and dance shows.

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