Petition over Loxford Lane prostitutes

A petition signed by 2,528 Redbridge residents urging police to rid Ilford of prostitution has been handed in.

Led by Cllr Filly Maravala, the petition will be presented to Redbridge Council later this year.

Parts of Loxford Lane and Mortlake Road, Ilford are used nightly by kerb crawlers, which residents complain creates noise and rubbish is often left by prostitutes.

Cllr Maravala said: “I’ve been out day and night, weekends, at all times to get this petition ready.

“The people of Ilford don’t deserve this. Families’ lives are being made a misery by these inconsiderate people.” Last year, police and Redbridge Council worked together to cut back trees and plants in the area to open it up and make it harder for prostitutes to hide from authorities.

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But Cllr Maravala said the problem was back within weeks.

“If the police can ease the problem for King’s Cross, then I don’t see why they can’t do the same for Ilford,” he added.

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