Parents of Gants Hill girl who cannot walk aiming to raise �55,000 for operations in USA

A seven-year-old twin girl who is unable to walk needs �55,000 for a life-changing procedure in the USA.

Mahlica Ajaib, of Castle View Gardens, Gants Hill suffers extensive pain as she has a form of cerebral palsy.

Her parents are trying to raise the money by July to fund two operations before her condition deteriorates too far.

Father Atif Ajaib, 37, said: “Mahlica dreams of being like every other girl who is able to walk and we are working hard to try and make her dream come true.”

Mahlica was born prematurely and diagnosed with diplegia cerebral palsy when she was 13 months old which means she needs to use a wheelchair.

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Mr Ajaib said: “The condition affects her motor skills which means everyday tasks such as fastening a button are too difficult.”

Her father sent Mahlica’s medical notes to a doctor in the US who has said she is suitable for the procedure.

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Mr Ajaib said: “During the day she wears splints on her legs to make sure that her feet are kept in the correct position but she is incapable of standing up.

“At night she has to wear gaiters which stop her bending her legs causing her muscles to become too tight. It’s very painful and she cannot always tolerate the pain of wearing them all night.”

Mahlica has daily physiotherapy to prevent her muscles becoming too short and tight.

Despite being in pain Mahlica attends Barley Lane Primary School, Huxley Drive, Chadwell Health where she has a special needs assistant to help her.

Mr Ajaib said: “Her teachers say she is very intelligent and articulate. She enjoys reading and drawing, but feels sad when she cannot play games with other children.”

Since being diagnosed Mahlica has undergone numerous procedures, but these have only worked on a temporary basis.

The operation is available at a hospital in Bristol, but only to a limited number of patients.

• Donations and more information is at, from where more than �10,000 has already been raised.

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