Opinion: Join the campaign to preserve library

Havering and Redbridge AM is fighting to save Gants Hill library.

Havering and Redbridge AM is fighting to save Gants Hill library. - Credit: Archant

Readers will no doubt be aware of Redbridge Council’s proposal to knock down the library at Gants Hill and build a new block of flats along with a community hub in its place.

Saying that these plans are controversial would be an enormous understatement.

There are real concerns about the impact the new buildings will have on the Gants Hill landscape and the local environment.

Many people have mentioned to me that they are worried about the removal of the library's car park leading to cars being forced to park on residential streets, potentially causing havoc.

Before this process began, Redbridge Council recognised that such a controversial project required a comprehensive and thorough public consultation which gave local residents a genuine choice between the status quo or change. I am deeply concerned that the public consultation does nothing of the sort. Redbridge Council's consultation assumes there will be new community hub built, and only gives respondents the opportunity to detail what kind of hub they want. The consultation doesn't acknowledge that this hub will be paid for through the construction of 100 new flats and would mean losing a car park. Worse still, the council is now saying that even if this project doesn't happen, the treasured Gants Hill Library will be closed anyway. The council's intransigence means that it is important for those of us who want to preserve the library to join the Save Gants Hill campaign. Find out more though the Save Gants Hill website

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