Newbury Park bid to slow down speeding drivers

SPEEDING drivers were nabbed by police after residents appealed for help in putting the brakes on “dangerous” cars.

Officers armed with a speed gun stood in Springfield Drive, Newbury Park, at its junction with Donington Avenue, to clock cars breaking the 20mph speed limit.

Residents have long appealed for traffic calming measure to be installed at the junction to slow down cars they claim go as fast as 50mph.

In October, a head on collision involving two cars further increased fears the junction will witness a fatal accident if the problem is unchecked.

On Thursday, officers from Aldborough Safer Neighbourhood Team (SNT) registered the speed of 63 passing cars, averaging 24mph.

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Two vehicles clocked travelling at more than 30mph were stopped by police and the drivers warned about their actions and given advice.

Avenue Neighbourhood Watch co-ordinatior Allan Morgan said: “After the head-on collision in October, we decided enough was enough and we’re trying to get some traffic calming measures installed at the junction.

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“We’re trying to put pressure on the council to do something. If not a roundabout at the junction, then slow-down signs.”

He added: “We’re doing everything we can for our residents because it is a dangerous junction.”

SNT Pcso Adam Gill said: “The survey was arranged following a number of requests from residents, ward panel members and the local neighbourhood watch scheme.

He added: “Local residents and ward panel members attended and were given a brief demonstration in its working, and were given an opportunity to inform officers of any local issues.”

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