Former Liverpool and Rangers footballer Graeme Souness is reportedly set to return to television on ITV this summer over a year after leaving Sky Sports.

Souness, 70, left his role as football pundit with Sky Sports last April after 15 years.

Talking about his decision to leave Sky Sports at the time, Souness said: "I was given an opportunity to do this and it has been magnificent.

"It has just been the most fantastic time for me. I love football and I care for it and I worry about it going forward.

“But in Sky’s hands it’s in safe hands and I think over the years we have treated the Premier League with great detail and I think we look after football very well.

“For me personally I have got the buzz of live football, coming to some fantastic games and some fantastic stadiums and witnessing some great events.

“I think I owe a hundred apologies but I haven’t got time for that to people that I may have said some harsh things.

He added: "Nothing goes on forever, I have got lots of things coming up. It has been great, so thank you to everyone.”

Since then the former Scottish, Liverpool and Ranger midfielder has made various media appearances. 

He provided analysis during Manchester United's 4-3 victory over Liverpool in the FA Cup back in March and also worked on England's win against Scotland in a friendly match at Hampden Park. 

Souness has also regularly appeared on talkSPORT.

ITV 'signs' former Sky Sports pundit Graeme Souness for Euro 2024

But now he appears he is set for a more permanent role, with The Sun reporting Souness has been signed by ITV for the upcoming UEFA European Football Championship 2024 (Euro 2024). 

He will be apart of the coverage from the first game of the tournament between Scotland and hosts Germany on June 14, the news outlet reported.

Souness will join the likes of Gary Neville, Jill Scott, Ian Wright, Roy Keane, Joleon Lescott, Eni Aluko, Joe Cole and Karen Carney as part of ITV's Euro 2024 coverage.

ITV has been contacted for comment.


Coverage of Euro 2024

ITV and BBC are set to share broadcasting of Euro 2024.

ITV will broadcast 16 matches, while the BBC will show 20.

The Euro 2024 games set to be televised in the UK are: 

  • June 14: Germany v Scotland - 8pm on ITV
  • June 15: Hungary v Switzerland - 2pm on ITV
  • June 15: Spain v Croatia - 5pm on ITV
  • June 15: Italy v Albania - 8pm on BBC
  • June 16: Poland v Netherlands - 2pm on BBC
  • June 16: Slovenia v Denmark - 5pm on ITV
  • June 16: Serbia v England - 8pm on BBC
  • June 17: Romania v Ukraine - 2pm on BBC
  • June 17: Belgium v Slovakia - 5pm on ITV
  • June 17: Austria v France - 8pm on ITV
  • June 18: Turkey v Georgia - 5pm on BBC
  • June 18: Portugal v Czech Republic - 8pm on BBC
  • June 19: Croatia v Albania - 2pm on ITV
  • June 19: Germany v Hungary - 5pm on BBC
  • June 19: Scotland v Switzerland - 8pm on BBC
  • June 20: Slovenia v Serbia - 2pm on ITV
  • June 20: Denmark v England - 5pm on BBC
  • June 20: Spain v Italy - 8pm on ITV
  • June 21: Slovakia v Ukraine - 2pm on BBC
  • June 21: Poland v Austria - 5pm on ITV
  • June 21: Netherlands v France - 8pm on BBC
  • June 22: Georgia v Czech Republic - 2pm on BBC
  • June 22: Turkey v Portugal - 5pm on ITV
  • June 22: Belgium v Romania - 8pm on ITV
  • June 23: Switzerland v Germany - 8pm on BBC
  • June 23: Scotland v Hungary - 8pm on BBC
  • June 24: Albania v Spain - 8pm on BBC
  • June 24: Croatia v Italy - 8pm on BBC
  • June 25: Netherland v Austria - 5pm on BBC
  • June 25: France v Poland - 5pm on BBC
  • June 25: England v Slovenia - 8pm on ITV
  • June 25: Denmark v Serbia -8pm on ITV
  • June 26: Slovakia v Romania - 5pm on BBC
  • June 26: Ukraine v Belgium - 5pm on BBC
  • June 26: Georgia v Portugal - 8pm on ITV
  • June 26: Czech Republic v Turkey - 8pm on ITV

The two broadcasters will also share coverage of the knockout stages - round of 16, quarter and semi-finals. 

While both ITV and the BBC will broadcast the Euro 2024 final.