Mum calls for road humps as girl faces year in wheelchair after car collision in Hainault

A mother of a seven-year-old girl left unable to walk after being hit by a car said she is going to campaign to have speed bumps put in her road.

Humna Javed was getting into a car parked outside her house in Coppice Path, Hainault, when she was hit by a car coming round the corner off a main road.

The car drove over her leg meaning she will not walk for more than a year.

Her mum, Samera, 32, said: “She’s still having the flashbacks and the nightmares, she get up in the night sweating and says ‘I saw it happening again’ it’s repeating back in her head. She keeps saying it’s not her fault.”

Humna was walking with her grandparents to their car when another car came round the bend into the road.

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“I just heard a thud. The car tyres shrieked and when she fell the back wheel went over her leg” Mrs Javed said.

Luckily there were two nurses passing by who gave Humna first aid while they were waiting for the ambulance to arrive.

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Humna’s leg was broke in three places with her bone jutting out of her leg. She required an operation, including a skin graft, and will need to use a wheelchair while it heals.

“Obviously I want drivers to learn something from this. People need to slow down as there’re children in this area,” she added. “It’s not a main road.”

Mrs Javed now plans to write to her MP and to appeal to the council to install speed bumps and camera.

“People are always driving too fast,” she said. “The car came off from a main road, I would like a camera up.”

Since the collision, which happened at about 10.30pm, Mrs Javed has to stay home to care for her daughter.

“She’s in pain, I give her medicine but she gets sharp pain every 20 minutes. It’s been emotional.”

A police spokesman said: “QUOTE TO COME”

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