Spiritual view: 'Islamic faith demands action against climate change'

Prime minister Boris Johnson (left) and Sir David Attenborough at the launch of the next COP26 UN Cl

Prime minister Boris Johnson and Sir David Attenborough at the launch of the COP26 UN Climate Summit - Credit: PA Wire/PA Images

We are all witnessing the change in climate over the years and hearing about so many tragic incidents occurring due to climate change giving rise to flooding, bush fires, extreme heat, drought and melting of the glaciers and ice caps.

Pollution levels are rising exponentially and all efforts to curtail said levels are seemingly unable to make a dent.

With the UN COP26 conference in November happening this year in Scotland, it is important that there is agreement to tackle this critical issue.

For Muslims, we need to look no further than the Quran for guidance.

There are approximately 200 verses concerning the environment. Muslims are taught that “greater indeed than the creation of man is the creation of the heavens and the earth”.

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The reality is that very few things could be more Islamic than protecting God’s precious creation: the earth.

Mohamed Omer says we have a moral obligation to obey Covid regulations.

Mohamed Omer says we are obliged to take care of the planet - Credit: Archant

The prophetic tradition is also as rich in references regarding our accountability as Muslims to act as stewards of the environment.

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Stewardship prescribes that humans learn to live in harmony with, rather than work against, nature. As the Prophet Muhammad said: "The world is sweet and lush, and verily Allah has made you stewards in it, and He sees how you acquit yourselves."

It is clear that environmental awareness and the protection of natural resources is an integral part of Islam. There is a delicate balance on the earth and as Muslims, we are obligated to preserve this balance.

Let us all play our part, no matter how little, in saving our planet.

We owe this to the next generation.

An instant and thorough review is called for. We simply cannot continue in this manner without irreversible changes.

Climate change is a part of the political conversation like never before; awareness isn’t what is required. We require action. Our faith demands this. Our humanity demands it.

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