Miss Julie stage show exposes class conflict and the battle of the sexes at South Woodford theatre

Felicity Rhys and Adam Redmayne in Miss Julie.

Felicity Rhys and Adam Redmayne in Miss Julie. - Credit: Archant

Prepare yourself for a tale of lust and class conflict as boundaries are broken down in a new translation of one of August Strindberg’s classic dramas.

South Woodford will host the premiere of an English stage version of the 19th century novel, Miss Julie.

The powerful stage show will be presented by UK Touring Theatre in association with Redbridge Drama Centre and 13 other theatres across the UK.

Set in Sweden on Midsummer’s Eve in 1888, the play explores the relationship between aristocratic Miss Julie and Jean, her father’s valet.

What starts as a harmless flirtation, soon descends into a ferocious power struggle and battle of the sexes, from which neither can escape.

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Developed as part of the author’s centenary celebrations last year, the translation promises to be extremely faithful to the original Swedish script, reinstating several controversial lines which are often cut from other English translations.

Director Denis Noonan said: “The process of translating the play took about eight months, but the result is a script that I think really reflects what Strindberg originally wanted to achieve with the play, as well as being exciting and accessible to a modern audience.”

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Originally banned in the UK because of its frank portrayal of inter-class relationships, Miss Julie shocked critics across Europe for years after it was first released.

However, the play has since received worldwide critical acclaim, and is now widely regarded as Strindberg’s masterpiece. It is a gripping psychological drama in a period setting, perfect for fans of classic theatre and Scandinavian drama alike.

Miss Julie will be at the Redbridge Drama Centre, Churchfields, South Woodford, on Wednesday at 8pm. Tickets are priced at £9 (£6 concessions) and can be purchased by calling 020 8708 8800/020 8504 5451, or by visiting www.uktouringtheatre.co.uk.

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