‘Misleading’ parking sign removed from Barkingside road

A sign described as a “trap” by a business owner has been removed by Redbridge Council after it left a number of drivers with parking fines despite many being convinced they were not breaking any rules.

Three signs in Hobart Road, Barkingside warned drivers of waiting and parking restrictions being in place between 8am-6.30pm Monday to Saturday.

But that had not stopped traffic wardens slapping fines on cars parking in the road on Sundays.

One driver who fell foul of enforcement in the road was David Rossi, owner of ice cream parlour Rossi Bros.

He is appealing a �55 fine – which could double to �110 – after being ticketed while parked in the road on a Sunday last month.

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He said: “I think it’s ridiculous. If you’ve got signs telling people not to park at certain times, and then you’re fining 24/7, that’s entrapment.”

The 62-year-old of Haigville Gardens, Barkingside, is due to re-open his ice cream parlour in Hobart Road in March, having closed the High Street-facing side of the 63-year-old business at Christmas for financial reason.

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And as well as demanding his fine appeal be upheld, he is questioning why Hobart Road has double yellow lines on it.

“Why have double yellow lines in an area that’s clearly not dangerous?” he said.

“All roads leading to High Street except Hobart Road are single yellow lines.

“Even in front of the police station it’s only single yellow lines, and if someone parked there it would cause massive traffic problems. And yet if you park in front of my shop at 3am it’s not allowed. Where is the common sense in that?”

On Thursday morning, the three signs were removed by council workers.

Before the signs were removed, a spokesman for Redbridge Council said: “The double yellow lines indicate no parking at any time and it is the drivers’ responsibility to ensure they park in compliance with any restrictions in place.

“Officers will be going on site to inspect the signs and appropriate action will be taken if necessary.”

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