‘Miracle boy’ takes his first steps thanks to South Woodford centre

A mother said it is a “miracle” that her son who has cerebral palsy could walk after attending a centre in South Woodford.

Vickey Morgan, 39, started taking her son Tyler to the Rose Walton Centre, Crescent Road, South Woodford after being told by paediatricians he would never be able to walk.

Over the next four years he regularly attended the centre and has now taken his first steps.

“Obviously we were upset when they said he wouldn’t walk but you just have to get on with it and just carry on with life,” Mrs Morgan of Upminster said.

“It’s a miracle. He’s been doing very well since he’s been at the centre - they have been fantastic.”

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When she started taking her son to the centre with her husband Gregg, 34, Tyler could not sit up or crawl.

He is now not only walking, but swimming and has even been horse riding.

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Mrs Morgan said: “There should be more centres that offer such services absolutely. It’s taken such a long time to get where he’s got but he’s doing really well,” she said. “We just have to give him as much encouragement as possible.”

The centre, which is a registered charity, was set up 27 years ago by Pauline Pingey of South Woodford after her grandson was diagnosed with cerebral palsy.

Although Mrs Pingey’s grandson died when he was 17-year-old she has continued to help other families.

Mrs Pingey said: “We have a learning programme which goes on until they reach their full potential. We have had so many successes with our children and about 70 families have been to us.”

The system used at the centre originated in Hungary and involved stretching and balance exercises.

Although parents pay a fee for their children to attended sessions the price is offset by fundraising activities.

The centre is has a daily preschool as well as sessions for older children each Thursday.

For more information call 020 8504 2702.

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