Spiritual life: The virus has not gone away

Rev Canon Marie Segal reminds us that the virus has not gone away

Rev Canon Marie Segal reminds us that the virus has not gone away - Credit: Archant

Many of us are reading, listening and watching news reports around what’s happening with the coronavirus and can’t help but feel unsettled and fearful by what we hear.

This month our children will return to school, more people will go back to work and yet we are still nervous and unsure what this new society will look like.

We must continue to follow the health guidelines that are there to protect all of us.

As guidelines change many of us have become confused about what we should and shouldn’t be doing but it is important that all our actions are based upon the fact that the virus has not gone away but is still a danger for all of us.

There are still many who are at risk because of the coronavirus the elderly and the sick.

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As Christians we are called to love our neighbours as ourselves and to demonstrate the love of God to the world around us.

We must take the care of the vulnerable in our society seriously, seeking to love, care and protect those that are most in need of it.

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We must all seek to do all we can to help others, put their needs above our own.

As people of faith we place our trust in God and act as His hands and voice in a every changing world. Let us not be afraid to reach out and offer support and help to everyone.

Put others first and stay safe.

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