Malvern misses out on top award

Barkingside racer gracious in defeat

ILFORD’s Scott Malvern missed on winning the McLaren Autosport BRDC Young Driver of the Year Award, but believes he’ll be able to build on it for the future.

Malvern missed out on the award, losing to Formula Renault driver Lewis Williamson, and was one of six finalists fighting it out to win the title.

It was an achievement in itself to be selected for the competition, and although Malvern is gutted to have missed out on the award, feels he can only learn from the experience.

“I always knew that I was a massive underdog here given my level of competition experience against that of the five other finalists,” he said.

“Naturally along with five other guys I am disappointed not to have won. But first I’d like to offer my sincere congratulations to the driver who did win Lewis Williamson on doing a great job.

“But what is really nice is that all of the feedback I’ve had, particularly from Chairman of the Judges Derek Warwick, has been very positive.

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“ It was a very closely fought competition and I am pleased that I was able to give a very good account of myself and I thank the selection panel, the organizers and everyone else involved for a massively enjoyable experience.”

The event allowed the racer to have a drive in a Formula 2 and a Mercedes DTM car for the first time in his career, and it certainly still isn’t over for the Ilford-based driver.

“ I’ve had the privilege of visiting the inner sanctum of the McLaren Technology Centre and I have some superb race wear and a great watch to keep as my own,” said Malvern.

“On top of all this I still have the January Autosport show at the NEC to look forward to where I will drive in the Action Arena and be present on the Autosport Stage. It’s all been a great boost to my career and I hope now that I can build on it.”

Malvern will now take stock as he looks at his options, before plotting a way forward.

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