Make Bradford British stars back Redbridge clean-up drive

Channel Four documentary stars of Make Bradford British said they hoped a Redbridge street cleaning initiative could be replicated “up north”.

Rashid Mahmood Khan and Damon Scully were speaking at the launch of For A Positive Change and said the project was a great idea to build bridges between different parts of society.

Each month volunteers will meet to rid the streets of litter around the borough with the hope of improving community cohesion.

The project was launched yesterday (Weds) at the Al Noor Primary School, Green Lane, Goodmayes.

Mr Khan said: “These volunteers are doing it for free, I think people have something to learn from this area and it’s something you don’t see people doing up north. This is something we will take back with us.”

The project is in conjunction with Al Noor; the Al Ansar Islamic Education Centre, High Road, Goodmayes; the Eman Foundation, Ashgrove Road, Goodmayes and Seven Kings Mosque, High Road Seven Kings.

Al Noor headteacher Someera Butt said: “We are teaching our children to take up their position in society helping others by going out of their way and contributing.”

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So far seven trial clean ups have been conducted with more than 100 people volunteering to take part.

Among their more unusual finds were a new leather jacket and loaded air rifle which was taken away by the police.

Organisers hope that the scheme will bring people together and encourage them to take better care of their environment.

Mrs Butt said: “We can agree to disagree but we have a whole lot in common and we have an obligation to respect and care for one another. I’m looking forward to a brighter future which has been contributed to by the children from Al Noor.”

During the launch children from the primary school donned their high visibility jackets and together with about 40 guests went to the nearby park to collect litter.

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