Ma-woah! Human-sized marrow found lurking at end of Goodmayes garden

A man was so shocked after finding a human sized marrow lurking at the end of his garden that he is trying to find out if it is a world record.

Late one evening Imran Haque, 25, ventured into his garden to get a pizza out of the shed freezer when a new tree stump caught his eye.

On closer inspection he realised a 5ft7in marrow was growing at the end of his garden and asked his dad about it.

Imran said: “I was really shocked I didn’t know marrows can get that big - it’s human sized! He was just really casual about it, he was like ‘yeah, it’s big isn’t it?’”

His father Nurul, 55, of Lexden Drive, Goodmayes, grows a variety of fruit and vegetables which are all regular sized.

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Imran said: “I seriously think they’re miracle seeds, that’s the best theory about it. People were calling from all over when my brother posted it on Facebook.”

Imran is unwilling to let the subject rest and has now contacted Guinness World Records to find out if it really is the biggest marrow in the world.

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“It grows an inch a day,” he added. “There’s another one and it’s half it’s length already.”

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