London Marathon - South Woodford man will run with his brother in memory of beloved sister

A 47-year-old South Woodford man and his brother will run their seventh London Marathon tomorrow in memory of their sister who died of asthma.

Anthony Brace, of Gordon Road, who has the condition himself, and his brother Martyn, 44, of Romford, hope to raise about �4,000 for Asthma UK after losing their youngest sister Denise in 2004.

She had a massive heart attack triggered by an asthma attack aged 42 and would have celebrated her 50th birthday this year.

The pair have two reasons to help the charity because Martyn’s daughter, Molly, nine, was diagnosed with the condition aged 18 months leading to many hospital visits over the next five years.

After receiving information from Asthma UK’s Adviceline, the family requested medication for Molly and made appointments for her with an asthma consultant.

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It improved her quality of life “100 per cent”, according to Martyn.

Anthony said: “Asthma UK do a fantastic job to make people aware of what’s available to help them.”

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He last ran the marathon in 2007, since when he admits putting on about two stone in weight, but through training has already got up to three-and-a-half hour runs.

He and his brother, who will run together on Sunday, hope to complete it in four to five hours.

Anthony said: “It depends on how many people are in front of you.

“I just want to enjoy it.”

The exercise he puts into the challenge also helps his own condition and he’s in good company – expert marathon runner Paula Radcliffe is also asthmatic.

He said: “Running increases your lung capacity, that’s why I run. It makes it so much easier. If you have problems breathing and you’re not fit, you suffer.”

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