London Marathon: Couple gets married 20 miles into run

Breaking out in a sweat before tying the knot is understandable but one newlywed couple were flushed for different reasons on Sunday – they had just run 20 miles.

The Marriot hotel in West India Quay set the scene for possibly its quirkiest wedding to date when Andrew Ford and Katrina Scaife stopped off from their marathon mission to take their vows.

While they managed to change outfits, their swollen feet refused to be wedged into smart shoes and they saw the 20 munute ceremony through with bare feet.

The pair, from South Woodford, were then showered with confetti by friends and family before carrying on to finish the final six miles.

They were running to raise cash for Saint Francis Hospice who cared for Mr Ford’s sister Christina before she lost her fight with cancer three years ago.