What makes pie perfection? The people of Ilford have spoken

Since the ancient Egyptians debated how many figs to include in their pies, the battle for perfection has baffled bakers.

A thousand years later, the Romans were faffing around with honey and goats cheese – still not quite getting it right.

But fear not. The people of Ilford have spoken and they know what makes a good pie.

They also know what does not make a good pie with chicken and veg, as well as mince beef and onion varieties not managing to get even one per cent of the vote.

Doing a bit better was meat and potato getting a still slightly lacklustre 13pc.

Coming in joint second, was steak and kidney which got a quarter of the vote as did steak an ale.

So, what does make the perfect pie? Well, since you asked, coming out on top with 38pc was the humble chicken and mushroom which really seems to be pie perfection.