Wes Streeting hits out at anti-war protesters who posted photo of dead baby to a fellow Labour MP

Wes Streeting MP speaking at the Google business seminar in Fulwell Cross Library in Barkingside.

Wes Streeting MP speaking at the Google business seminar in Fulwell Cross Library in Barkingside. - Credit: Vickie Flores/Archant

The Ilford North MP batted away deselection rumours and said he was “repulsed” that a colleague had a photo of a dead baby posted under his door.

Speaking about the abuse Labour MPs have suffered for backing air strikes in Syria, Wes Streeting said: “What we have seen in the last few days in particular is something on a completely different level.

“Not just the threats of deselection, but protestors have actually gone to MPs’ houses and also abused MPs’ staff.”

Mr Streeting, who voted against the air strikes, told the Recorder: “One of my colleagues actually had a photograph of a dead baby posted under the door of his home address, his home address!”

This was Hove MP Peter Kyle, who said he thought it was designed to “intimidate” him.

The Ilford North MP continued: “If I had reached a different conclusion I’m worried my staff may have suffered abuse.

“I cannot understand, they are acting in the name of peace yet they are condoning abuse and intimidation.”

The Recorder reported on Tuesday that internet trolls had celebrated the news that Ilford South MP Mike Gapes had been rushed to hospital for emergency surgery.

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Mr Gapes, who had voiced support for air strikes in Syria, remains in hospital and was unable to vote on yesterday’s motion.

Mr Streeting, who was elected as MP in May, said he was “not too worried about deselection”, despite reports in The Sun that he is one of four top targets by left wing movement Momentum.

Momentum, a grassroots group in the Labour party set up in the wake of Jeremy Corbyn’s election as leader, denied the allegations.

A spokesman told the Recorder: “The claims are absolutely baseless. Momentum is not organising to, or campaigning for, the deselection of Wes Streeting or any other MP as we’ve said on numerous occasions.”

Mr Corbyn has gone on record saying he is against deselection and denounced “bullying of any sort”.

For Mr Streeting to be deselected – where the sitting MP is not put forward as a candidate at the next general election – more than half the Ilford North Labour Party would have to vote against him.

He added: “I have found when I have been out on the doorstep my membership are very supportive of my work in Parliament.

“I have received hundreds of emails about Syria and all of them, one way or the other, have been respectful.”

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