War over Hainault Park trenches

A COUNTRY park has been turned into a “building site” after a series of trenches began springing up around the beauty spot.

The three feet deep trenches, and mounds of dug up earth, have been blighting parts of Hainault Forest Country Park, Romford Road, Hainault, in what users are calling an “unacceptable destruction” of the area.

Janet Poole, who uses a mobility scooter to enjoy the park, claims that she can no longer travel around its lake because the area is dotted with trenches and mud.

The 63-year-old of New North Road, Hainault, said: “The trenches are all over the place and the mud is all over the place.

“They’ve completely ruined the park – it’s like a building site.

“Everybody who uses the park is complaining about it.”

She added: “There are no notices to tell us what’s happening. It’s ridiculous.

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“I called the council and they said the trenches have been dug up for draining.

“But I’ve spoken to some people about it and they say it doesn’t make any sense.

“Every time I go over there there’s a new trench.”

Park users say about eight trenches have been dug up, with some claiming that they are a danger.

Margaret Shilton, 57, of Fencepiece Road, Hainault, said: “It’s quite �dangerous because the trenches are not taped off.

“You have children there running all over the place so anything could happen.”

A spokesman for Redbridge Council said: “A number of ditches are currently being dug at Hainault Forest Country Park so that water can drain quickly from the pathways, avoiding the need to regularly resurface them.

“The majority of these ditches were already there but have filled up with soil over time.

“We have put up notices to let residents know the work would be taking place.

“Visitors can still use the majority of the main pathways while this work takes place.”