Wanstead community members launch pledge to tackle climate crisis

The area of Wanstead Flats before it was mown. Picture: Rosemary Stephens

The area of Wanstead Flats before it was mown. Picture: Rosemary Stephens - Credit: Rosemary Stephens

Community members endeavouring to address an impending climate crisis are set to enshrine an “Environmental Charter” tonight (Thursday, May 2).

Wanstead campaigners, councillors and local businesses are set to gather to launch a bill aimed at tackling the triple threat of climate change, pollution and biodiversity loss within their own backyard.

The charter’s five priorities are making journeys cleaner; boosting plant and tree growth; reducing waste; increasing the sustainability of buildings and living more sustainability as individuals.

“If we don’t act urgently to address climate change, pollution and loss of biodiversity, the implications are pretty awful,” said Susie Knox, the charter’s organiser.

“This isn’t just a global problem. It’s affecting us here in Wanstead too with poor air quality, more extreme weather and habitat loss as gardens disappear.

“But it’s not difficult to start making a personal difference, and by acting together, small changes can have a big impact.”

Councillor Paul Donovan (Wanstead, Lab) encouraged schools, business, places of worship and other community groups to get involved.

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He said: “The success of this venture depends on how much we are able to reduce the carbon footprint of Wanstead, cut pollution and increase biodiversity.”

Find out more online at: cleanergreenerwanstead.org

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