Wanstead and Snaresbrook councillors agree in principle to cycle lanes

Councillors accepted in principle an £8,000 plan to provide cycle lanes in Wanstead which will link it up to the London Cycle Route Network.

Two lanes will run along Cambridge Park, from the junction with St Mary’s Avenue to the junction with Blake Hall Road and then join up with existing cycle routes on to the Green Man roundabout.

They will be provided under the Biking Boroughs cycle infrastructure initiative and initial plans called for coloured surface treatments at the beginnings and ends of the cycle lanes.

But Valerie Sayer, a member of The Wanstead Society, said: “We’ve got nothing against it.

“But it is going to be green tarmacing.

“The cycle lanes in Leytonstone High Road don’t use green surfacing and they look much better.”

In response, resident Matt Keen said: “I’m a cyclist and we do become quite protective because we do get quite aggressive treatment [on the roads].

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“Any sort of protection is good.”

Councillors agreed to the proposed scheme and will receive further progress and design reports.

They asked for officers to look into Mrs Sayer’s suggestion.

The scheme will be funded from a £165,000 borough budget from Transport for London.