‘I told you bruv’: Ilford Uber Eats driver accused of spending 18 hours in Seven Kings car park is vindicated

Asif Hussain with his parking fine at the Aldi store car park in Seven Kings.

Asif Hussain with his parking fine at the Aldi store car park in Seven Kings. - Credit: Archant

An Ilford Uber Eats driver has won his appeal after being fined for supposedly spending 18 hours soaking up the scenery of the Aldi car park in Seven Kings.

Asif Hussain, 39, was incredulous after receiving a £70 parking charge notice (PCN) accusing him of leaving his Ford Focus in the High Road car park from midnight to just before 6pm on March 23 this year.

Last week, he told the Recorder he only stopped in the car park briefly to collect a late-night order from the nearby McDonald’s and returned again hours later to buy himself a meal.

“What do they think I would be doing in the car park for more than 17 hours?” the Hyacinth Close resident said at the time.

“Sleeping in my car?

“I have got a house and a family to go to.”

The fine, issued by private company ParkingEye, does show side-by-side photos of Asif’s sliver hatchback entering the car park at 12.11am and leaving again at 5.57pm the same day.

However screenshots from Asif’s phone indicate that he took on a delivery job at thirteen past midnight and dropped it off at a home in Boundary Close, 15 minutes away, for the princely sum of £4.14.

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Asif vowed he would take his case to ParkingEye and win.

“Private companies are trying to rip off and fool customers. I’m very upset and angry as I did nothing wrong,” he at the time

The Recorder can now confirm that Asif submitted appeal and thwarted the sanction imposed by the allegedly all-seeing Gods of private car parking.

“We can confirm that that Parking Charge has now been cancelled and there is no outstanding payment due,” reads a letter from ParkingEye dated April 9.

Asked how he feels, he said: “Happy! Over the moon! Vindicated!

“I knew I did nothing wrong - I did say ‘I am going to win,’ bruv!”

He added that he might even get the letter framed, when asked by the Recorder.

When asked who they sided with in this parking predicament, 147 (66pc) of Recorder readers backed Asif.

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