Travellers ‘occupy’ private land in Ilford

Travellers set up at building site in High Road, Ilford

Travellers set up at building site in High Road, Ilford - Credit: Archant

Travellers are occupying privately owned land in High Road, Ilford, which has been cleared to make way for flats.

Over the weekend seven caravans and multiple vehicles moved on to the site, and entrances were padlocked from the inside.

The Recorder approached the travellers for comment but they declined to make a statement until they have discussed their response as a community.

But, they have posted a letter on the board at the entrance to the site.

“Non restricted site, section 144 of Legal Aid Sentencing and Punishment of Offender Act 2012, does not apply.

“Not a residential building because not designed or adapted before time of entry for use as a place to live.

“This site is occupied, it is our home and we intend to stay here.

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“Attempt to enter is a criminal offence if occupied by at least one person.”

Cllr Muhammed Javed (Clementswood, Lab) said: “The first thing that needs to be done is an investigation by the land owner so he can deal with them appropriately and possibly get them evicted.

“When I represented Loxford I dealt with travellers so I have experience in this area and there is a council managed site in Hainault, full of caravans so it is probably better that they go there.”

Police were called to the site at 1.19pm on Monday after reports of trespassing and are currently liaising with the occupants.

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