Trapped in her own home: Careless drivers leave disabled Hainault woman stranded

Sandra Tysoe with her mobility scooter outside her home

Sandra Tysoe with her mobility scooter outside her home - Credit: Archant

A Hainault resident with severe walking difficulties, who has been left stranded outside her home due to careless drivers parking on the pavement, has finally been given her “freedom”.

Sandra Tysoe, 54, of Robinia Close, uses a mobility scooter to get around, but she is regularly blocked in her house by people who park with their bonnet or boot overhanging the narrow pavement.

She said: “People park in an inconsiderate manner which means in the past I have been blocked in my home for 10 days. I’m unable to walk more than two yards without feeling like I will fall, so have to use a scooter.

“If people are against me getting help, I would suggest they put themselves in my shoes and think what it would be like to not have the freedom to leave their house.”

At a meeting of area committee three last week in Fullwell Cross Library, High Street, Barkingisde, councillors agreed to introduce four bollards directly behind the kerb to prevent drivers parking over the walkway.

Cllr Edward Griffin, who has been in regular contact with Sandra, said: “We have got to give this woman her freedom.”

Cllr Nick Hayes added: “Drivers shouldn’t park on the pavement anyway, and we are taking no spaces away, so I think we should support this.”

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The works will cost £600, which will be taken from the highways minor works budget.

But Cllr David Poole said: “We shouldn’t be adding to street clutter and this is a housing matter which we are not allowed to spend money.

“We should hand this issue over to the landlord, and get the pavement widened.”

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