Neighbours charged more than £60k to remove fly-tipped waste

Fly-tipped waste on the Parks Estate in Ilford

Fly-tipped waste on The Parks estate in Ilford - Credit: Ruthba Amin

Neighbours on an Ilford housing estate have been forced to pay more than £60,000 in two years to remove fly-tipped waste. 

A service charge account for The Parks estate in Ilford – which includes Blackthorn Road, Cedar Close and Lawson Close – showed that residents were charged £30,085 for bulk refuse collection for the year ending June 30, 2020, and £30,926 for the year prior. 

Occupants of the estate – which has more than 200 properties – are paying roughly £150 every year, on top of their council tax, to remove waste they claim is coming from outside the area. 

Resident Ruthba Amin claimed Redbridge Council has refused to pick up fly-tipping on the estate, insisting it was the responsibility of the management company, which includes it in their service charge. 

“They said that constitutes private land, it’s not on the road,” she said, noting that often rubbish was moved off the road by residents in order to clear space for their cars. 

Residents of the estate believe much of the waste is being dumped by people coming from outside.

Residents of the estate believe much of the waste is being dumped by people coming from outside. - Credit: Ruthba Amin

“Every day you look outside there's a mattress, there's a wardrobe, there's furniture," she added. "It looks like someone is doing their house up every day."

A spokesperson from Redbridge Council said the authority investigates all reports of fly-tipping, and signposted people to responsible waste disposal services.

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However, Ruthba believes council efforts to inform residents about fly-tipping are of limited use: "Education is not going to help if it is builders coming from outside."

Residents have now shelled out for CCTV cameras, hoping that catching fly-tippers in the act could force the council to take action. 

Redbridge Council said it investigates all reports of fly-tipping and noted offenders can face an unlimited fine and a criminal record.  

A spokesperson said: “There are responsible ways for residents to dispose of unwanted goods, including large items. We offer weekly refuse and recycling collections and a bulky waste collection service.  

“The Chigwell Road Reuse and Recycling Centre also accepts builders' rubble, non-domestic waste, large items and green waste as well as recycling facilities.” 

They encouraged people to report instances of fly-tipping by calling 020 8554 5000.