TfL trial new technology to stop screeching noise at Wanstead tube station

Residents and neighbours have complained that a section of the journey, past Wanstead is too loud. P

Residents and neighbours have complained that a section of the journey, past Wanstead is too loud. Picture: Transport for London - Credit: Michael Garnett

Transport for London (TfL) is trialling a new technology to help put an end to the ear-splitting screech commuters hear when they travel through Wanstead on the Central line.

A soft pad device is being tested at Bethnal Green station and engineers are pleased with its success at dulling the noise for travellers. The screeching saga began when residents living near the tube line complained that the service was too loud.

TfL stepped in and tried to combat the noise by insulating the tunnel, however, this simply amplified the sound for those in the carriage.

Experts have been working hard on finding the happy medium for everyone involved and a TfL spokesperson said the new gadget will reduce the intensity of the sound.

“We try and be a good neighbour to people living by the tube and we were getting complaints about vibrations, “ the external scrutiny panel heard on Thursday, July, 13.

“You can’t stop energy you can just transfer it and we have been working really hard to find a solution.”

The team have developed soft pads which are essentially a rubber frame for the track.

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Although TfL said it “is not perfect” it is a step in the right direction.

“The soft pads do not take away the noise but they change the pitch of the screech,” he added.

“It is a sensitive thing to get right, but it had been going well at Bethnal Green.”

The soft pads are set to be introduced to the east end of the Central line, once the results of the pilot have been analysed.

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