Spitting ban for Redbridge set to be rolled out in six months


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Anti-social spitters could soon face fines of £500 if they are caught spoiling the streets of Redbridge.

The decision follows a public consultation which saw 94 per cent of people back the ban.

Cllr Ross Hatfull, cabinet member for community safety, said the survey had attracted more than 600 responses, the largest ever from residents and was prompted by “constant” complaints about the habit.

Redbridge Council is looking at how to introduce the by-law, which would be implemented through its street scene enforcement team.

Officers will be able to dish out hefty fines and CCTV cameras will be used to help catch people spitting in the street.


The Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government, Eric Pickles, will have the final say, but it could come into force within the next six months.

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Redbridge will become only the second council in the UK to introduce a ban on spitting after Enfield criminalised the dirty habit last year.

Neighbouring borough Waltham Forest has introduced a similar rule, classing spitting as litter, and issues fixed penalty notices.

Cllr Hatfull said: “Over a number of years, on the doorsteps talking to residents, spitting has been raised constantly.

“They don’t like it, they think it’s disgusting and they were asking if the council could do something.

“We took that feedback and we thought we would ask residents if they want spitting to be banned.”

He conceded that enforcing the by-law would be hard but more staff would be recruited and CCTV cameras would be used to help catch people.

“I think the by-law will help get the message out that this is not to be tolerated in public places and I think we will see a drop as a result,” Cllr Hatfull added.

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