‘Speed gun figures inaccurate’, Newbury Park residents claim

�Angry residents claim police figures on speeding in a Newbury Park road are inaccurate.

When presented with results of a 45-minute speed gun test in Brook Road, which showed all cars had been travelling within the legal speed limit, resident Doreen Florant said requests for action were falling on deaf ears.

“I have been campaigning for this for five years,” she said.

“The other residents representing the road think these meetings are a waste of time because nothing gets done.”

But speaking at a meeting of area committee seven, held last week in The Teachers’ Centre, Melbourne Road, Ilford, Sgt Paul Dwyer said: “I invite any resident to come out with the team and hold a speed gun.

“These are the figures that were obtained.”

But he admitted the teams were in high visibility jackets, which would warn motorists to slow down.

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“They see the yellow jackets and they cut their speed – there’s no denying that could play a factor in these figures.”

Mrs Florant told Sgt Dwyer she feared someone would die unless police acted soon.

“In five years, hardly anything has been done,” she said. “We’ve already had one accident a few months ago and goodness knows how many walls have been knocked down because people come off the Eastern Avenue at such a speed, and they don’t know the road.”

She added: “Does it take someone dying to make something happen?”

Sgt Dwyer said: “I’m not passing the buck, but if you attend a police ward panel meeting, you can suggest the areas that you, as a resident, would like improving.”