Residents in bid to make Wanstead road safer, despite being told it should be ‘low priority’

Residents will not give up in their bid to get traffic-calming measures installed in a Wanstead road despite councillors being told it should be a low priority.

They have complained to area one councillors about the speed of traffic in Wellington Road which has led to three surveys being completed there this year.

A council report concluded the road should not be recommended for works but speaking at the meeting in Wanstead Church School, Church Path, Wanstead, on Monday, residents queried the data and convinced councillors to meet them to hear other suggestions.

Peter Hodgkinson, of Wellington Road, said: “If we hadn’t been there, they probably would have passed that report and taken no further action.

“The fact that they have now shelved that report is a step forward.”

The report showed the speed at which 85 per cent of vehicles travelled at or below during surveys in January, May and October.

They were 27, 30 and 30 miles per hour respectively and the report said there have been no personal injury accidents in the road in more than three years.

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As a result, councillors were told any traffic-calming measures would not qualify for funding from Transport for London and spending would have to come out of the committee’s discretionary budget.

But speaking after the meeting, Mr Hodgkinson said: “The speed data they gave us was incomplete. In the last two surveys it was based on one day. We hope there’s another six day’s data [for each].”

Resident Ellen Pugh surveyed mums walking with infants by the road on November 23.

She said: “Residents said they don’t feel safe crossing the road.

“There are cars travelling at 50,60,70 mph.”

Possible measures recommended to the committee in the report included installation of speed humps at a cost of �20,000 to �30,000 or by reducing the speed limit to 20 miles per hour with similar associated costs.

But residents said they had suggestions which had not been considered and councillors agreed to meet with them and Redbridge Council highways officers.

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