Redbridge resident wants answers after weeks without rubbish collection

Redbridge rubbish piles up in wheelie bin fiasco

It took more than four weeks for a Redbridge resident to finally get his rubbish picked up after he did not receive his wheelie bin because of an admin error. - Credit: Sashank Keni Lotlikar

Redbridge Council blamed an admin error for a resident not having his rubbish picked up in more than four weeks.

Sashank Keni Lotlikar was furious after it took the council a month to clear the waste from his home in Eastern Avenue, despite multiple calls and emails pleading for help.

He claimed the cleansing team refused to collect his rubbish unless it was in a wheelie bin, but tried to explain to them he never received one. 

For four weeks Sashank said he called and emailed the council almost every day to no avail.

A spokesperson for Redbridge Council said: "We are very sorry about the problems experienced by Mr Keni Lotlikar. These were caused by an admin error, which has now been resolved."

Sashank said he was happy his rubbish was finally cleared but still wants answers as to why it took so long to get a response.

He said: "I have been staying here for nearly 25 years and paying council tax.  Why were my emails and calls neglected for so long?"

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