Parking permits in Redbridge could go up with third cars costing £180 per year

Parking restriction sign in Shirley Road, Stratford.

Parking restriction sign in Shirley Road, Stratford. - Credit: Vickie Flores

Redbridge Council has unveiled proposals to increase parking permit charges.

As part of its regular review of costing, both residents permit and business permit rates could go up.

While the council said it would set a first car parking permit at a rate of £20, second cars could go up to £100 with third cars and subsequent vehicles potentially rising from £108 to £180.

Nearby boroughs have a similar changing scheme and in Havering, residents pay £35 for the first car, with £60 for the second and £85 for the third, while Newham residents get their first permit for free, £100 for the second and £200 for the third. The local authority also said it was looking at exploring “emission-based charging” where permit costs would be worked out according to how environmentally friendly a car is.

Cabinet member responsible for parking, Councillor John Howard, said: “As part of our commitment to residents, we promised to reduce the first vehicle charge to £20 per annum, a saving of £25 per year.

“We also pledged to make electric vehicles free as part of our aim to create a cleaner, greener and less polluted borough.

“Therefore consideration has had to be given to increases for resident parking permits for residents that have more than one car.”

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Business permits could also increase and the council said in comparison to other London boroughs, Redbridge provides low-cost options.

Where Hackney charges around £800 per year, Enfield £660 and Newham £600, Redbridge is currently set to £300.

At an overview committee meeting, which will be held on Thursday, December 6, councillors will be encouraged to agree to a new business permit charge of £400 per annum.

“The new parking charges including permits for businesses have been compared with those in other London boroughs, particularly our neighbours, to ensure they remain fair and proportionate,” added Cllr Howard.

“We are pleased to have been able to deliver on our pledge to reduce the cost of residential parking for everyone’s first car.”

Redbridge Council said it plans to retain its offer of a free resident permit for disabled residents and zero emission vehicles.

Permits can be bought in six month or 12 month instalments, with the former costing exactly 50per cent of the yearly charge.