Redbridge MPs keep heat on fight to save hospital services

THE fight to save King George Hospital’s A&E and maternity services will be taken to the floor of the House of Commons today after health chiefs were accused of not listening to the public.

Proposals to axe services at the hospital in Barley Lane, Goodmayes – which were put on ice by the government in March – have been put back on the table by Health for North East London (H4NEL).

Ilford South MP Mike Gapes and Ilford North MP Lee Scott met Heather O’Meara, chief executive of NHS Outer North East London to discuss the plans on Friday.

Mr Gapes said: “I’m so angry. The meeting confirmed that regardless of what the consultation said, people who are unelected are refusing to listen to the public or anyone elected.”

In the House of Commons today (Thursday) Mr Gapes is due to discuss the proposals during a 30-minute adjournment debate.

The debate is due to begin at 6pm but might start earlier.

Mr Gapes added: “Heather O’Meara and people in the NHS bureaucracy seem determined to get rid of the A&E and maternity in King George.”

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H4NEL says revised recommendations, which endorse the majority of the original plans, are “being further discussed with GPs and local authorities”.

The spokesman added: “Clinical leaders aim to present all the feedback and a final set of recommendations to the joint committees of PCTs in December at a meeting held in public. The joint committees of PCTs will decide whether the proposals meet all the requirements set out by the secretary of state.”

Mr Scott said: “Health for North East London seem to have their own agenda. We will continue to fight to make sure they do not succeed in that agenda.”

The revised recommendations say maternity services would move in 2012 and A&E close in 2013.