Redbridge MPs hope Article 50 court ruling does not derail Brexit

Gina Miller speaks to the media at the High Court in London where three judges have ruled against th

Gina Miller speaks to the media at the High Court in London where three judges have ruled against the Prime Minister's decision to trigger Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty of the Lisbon Treaty and start the UK's exit from the European Union without the prior authority of Parliament. - Credit: PA Wire/PA Images

Wanstead MP John Cryer has said he has “confidence” that Parliament will not “defy” the public when it comes to voting on Brexit.

Last week the High Court ruled that MPs must vote on whether the UK can trigger Article 50 – the process for leaving the European Union (EU).

The government has appealed against the decision, and the case will be heard by the Supreme Court in the coming months.

Labour MP Mr Cryer, who voted to leave the EU, said he hoped the House of Commons and the House of Lords would approve a swift motion enacting Article 50.

“We have heard almost all MPs state that they respect the result of the referendum to leave the EU. Approving such a motion would be a way to demonstrate this respect.

“I have confidence that MPs across the House will not want to defy the will that has been expressed by the public and plunge us into uncertainty, delay and constitutional mayhem.”

He supported the Labour leadership which “has made clear that the court ruling should not be an excuse to try to stop us from leaving the EU”.

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Mr Cryer said he was concerned Liberal Democrat peers could try and block Brexit.

“It would be a supreme and tragic irony – and a constitutional crisis – for our liberal elites to this time side with the peers against the people to try to reverse our democratic decision.”

But the Wanstead MP criticised the reaction of some newspapers, which attacked the High Court judges for ruling Parliament should vote on Article 50.

He said: “Describing judges as ‘Enemies of the People’ is not only fatuous it is dangerous.

“It is ironic that newspapers, owned by people not based in the UK should dare to criticise judges for not being ‘patriots’ on the basis of their views on the EU or their sexuality.”

Writing in his column in The Sun Woodford Green MP Iain Duncan Smith stated the judges had “duped” the voters.

He commented: “The latest betrayal and perhaps the worst is that three unelected judges have decided that the vote the British people cast wasn’t binding on the government and that Parliament should instead decide if we should leave the EU.”

Ilford North MP Wes Streeting said the High Court’s ruling was “a good decision for democracy”.

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