Redbridge councillors call for CCTV at A12 accident hotspot in Newbury Park

Borough councillors are calling for CCTV cameras at a “dangerous” accident hotspot close to Newbury Park Tube station as the issue is brought to the attention of the Mayor of London.

The junction, along the A12, is notorious for drivers making illegal U-turns which is thought to have been the cause of an accident last week that saw a motorcyclist break both legs when he collided with a car.

Havering and Redbridge London Assembly member Roger Evans will now take up the “urgent” issue with mayor Boris Johnson at question time on May 23 after hearing the concerns of local councillors.

He said: “It’s particularly bad at Newbury Park, but U-turns are an urgent problem all along the A12.

“We need some rigorous enforcement so people get a meaningful punishment, because you do get a number of accidents there.

“We either need policing, though I realise they are stretched, or we could use CCTV becase you can prosectue with that.”

It was revealed last year that between September 2007 and August 2010, four serious accidents were recorded at that junction, despite a sign stating it is illegal to carry out U-turns.

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In January 2011, 69-year-old lollipop man Dusan Danilovic died when his car ended up on its side after a four-car pile-up as a result of drivers turning at the junction.

Aldborough Cllr Ruth Clark has spoken extensively with Mr Evans on the issue and is hoping Transport for London (TfL) launch an investigation in to the stretch of road.

She said: “Basically, it’s dangerous. There are dangerous areas all along that stretch of road.

“I want to know what we would have to do to change it, if they want evidence we will give it to them.

“There should be an investigation in to it and all the way down to The Drive.

“You can’t block it off totally because drivers will just do something illegal further down towards the school or hospital, but there should be clearer signs and CCTV.”