Redbridge Council will use cameras to monitor cyclists and pedestrians in Ilford town centre

Meeting with Redbridge Council about shared spaces in Ilford.

Meeting with Redbridge Council about shared spaces in Ilford. - Credit: Archant

Redbridge Council hopes to use cameras to monitor how pedestrians and cyclists navigate shared spaces along Ilford High Road.

Some residents previously spoke out against town centre regeneration plans which proposed that bike users should co-exist with walkers rather then have a designated cycle area.

Speaking at a Redbridge Concern and Transport for All meeting on Thursday, September 14, Marc Clark, of Redbridge Council regeneration team, said it had listened to feedback and introduced new measures.

“What we would like to do is put in place cameras to monitor cyclists’ movements,” he said.

“The High Road will not be completed for another couple of years and data analysis would be very important.

“When we looked into incidents between cyclists and pedestrians we couldn’t see any accidents – we are not saying that some didn’t occur but none have been reported.”

The regeneration team is adding in a cycle way to the outside of the town centre and will encourage bike users to use it.

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“There is a dedicated cycle infrastructure that goes around the High Road and this is one of the positive elements we are introducing in to the scheme,” added Mr Clark.

“The High Road performs a multitude of functions and it was not possible to include a cycle lane.

“It has been a shared surface for 20 years and we are not changing what is currently there – it deals with vehicles and pedestrians.”

The team is also going to “remove clutter” from Ilford town centre to ensure there is a clear walkway.

A 3m pathway will be made in front of shops for residents to walk on and pavements would be levelled to make the surface as flat as possible.

It will also ensure that all the lampposts line up.

A member of the audience said a shared space would be different from what the town has at the moment.

“There are signs up warning people not to ride their bikes,” she said.

“Just because people ignore it doesn’t mean you should encourage it.

“I am a cyclist myself and I would never expect to ride along the High Road, and as an able bodied person I find it hard dodging out the way.”

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