Redbridge council’s chief executive to go part-time

Redbridge’s top council officer is due to go part-time but a deputy will not be hired, the council has announced.

Chief Executive Roger Hampson who has had the job since 2000 requested flexible retirement which was unanimously agreed by a committee comprised of members of all four parties.

A council spokesman assured that the full range of duties will still be fulfilled and he will be on duty every day.

Mr Hampson, 63, has taken his pension and halved his pay from £181,542 to £90,771 as of January 1.

The spokesman said: “This has led to a significant saving to the council at a time of severe budget constraint.

“This enables Mr Hampson to spend a small proportion of his time pursuing other academic and voluntary interests.”

Mr Hampson has worked in local government since 1986.

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