Redbridge Council hoists Scottish flag: ‘We don’t get a say, so why bother?’

The Saltire, Scotland's national flag flies over Redbridge's Town Hall alongside the Union flag (Pic

The Saltire, Scotland's national flag flies over Redbridge's Town Hall alongside the Union flag (Picture:: Arnaud Stephenson) - Credit: Photo: Arnaud Stephenson

Redbridge Council hoisted the Scottish flag above the Town Hall yesterday to show its support for the Union – but residents’ views on the decision are decidedly mixed.

Deputy council leader Wes Streeting said Redbridge would fly the flag to send a message to send a message to “our Scottish friends as they cast their vote”.

In its shadow on Ilford high street, shoppers, students and professionals voiced their opinions on the hoisted Saltire.

One Chadwell Heath man, 42, who asked not to be named, said: “The flag is a symbol, we don’t get a vote in the referendum, neither do we have a say, so why bother.”

South Bank University lecturer Lynn Vicky 60, said: “England leaders have made a shamble in explaining the issue, so the flags hold no symbol.”

She added: “I’m from Wales so I do feel some sympathy with the Scottish.”

Accountant David Talley, who is originally from Scotland but can’t vote in next week’s referendum, backed the council’s decision.

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“I’m Scottish, and I love the flag,” he said.

“I took a picture yesterday and sent it to my friend back in Scotland, who will get a chance to vote, and they are all for it.”

Some were apathetic. Humma, a 26-year-old sales assistant in Ilford, said: “Either Scotland stays with us or leaves us it will never bother me.”

And Queen Mary, University of London student Murryum Azeem, 19, added: “It is absurd because I have always seen Scotland being part of England.

“But either way I don’t really understand what effect it can have on England either they stay or leave - therefore I do not mind the flag.”

Labour councils across the UK – and notably Redbridge’s neighbour Barking and Dagenham - are all flying the flag in the run-up to next Thursday’ referendum, following a call from Labour leader Ed Miliband for local authorities to show their support.

The council, which had to purchase the Saltire specially, is flying it alongside the Union Flag.

In a poll on this website, answered by more than 50 respondents, 50 per cent supported the move, 28pc opposed it and 22pc said they don’t care.

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