Council launches campaign to highlight harmful impact of fly-tipping

Two me in high-viz in front of a truck full of rubbish bags

Council workers handling rubbish as part of an operation targeting illegal dumpers earlier this month - Credit: Redbridge Council

Redbridge Council has begun an anti-illegal dumping campaign, highlighting the damage fly-tipping causes the community.

The campaign – a re-run of a similar one last year – will run for two months and aims to educate and encourage behaviour change in the borough.

The council has published posters, adverts and leaflets explaining how dumped rubbish affects communities by attracting vermin, making neighbourhoods messy and endangering residents.

Cabinet member for environment and civic pride Cllr Jo Blackman said: “Not only is rubbish dumped on our streets a real eyesore, but it destroys neighbourhoods. 

“Discarding rubbish on the street should never be an option, and yet some people think it is. 

“Every time we clear illegally dumped rubbish off our streets it costs us resources and money, which could have been avoided and better spent elsewhere on other services for residents.”

Campaign posters will be displayed on advertising vans driven around fly-tipping hotspots, and anti-illegal dumping adverts will be placed on buses travelling along routes near problem areas.

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The campaign is also being supported with information and tips on waste disposal published across the council’s social media channels, as well as a series of educational videos offering information about rubbish disposal and how to report illegal dumping in Redbridge.

The leader of the council, Cllr Jas Athwal, added: “Redbridge is our home and we each owe it to our neighbours to keep our streets tidy and clear of rubbish.

“Dumping rubbish is completely unacceptable and will not be tolerated in our borough.

"We have enforcement teams patrolling, investigating fly tips and tracking down the culprits alongside campaigns like this one to help educate local people on the true impact of dumping rubbish.”

A recent council-led fly-tipping operation resulted in five tonnes of rubbish being cleaned from 91 fly-tips across the east and south of the borough.

Nineteen people were hit with fines totalling £7000 after the dumped rubbish was traced back to them.

The council urged residents to report any fly-tips via the council’s Report It page, and said that they aim to clear recorded tips within 24 hours of being reported.