Redbridge Council accused of ‘double standards’ after CCTV car spotted in ambulance bay

An Ilford resident has accused Redbridge Council of “double standards” after spotting a CCTV car used for parking and traffic enforcement in an ambulance bay.

Sheheryar Tariq, 20, took a photo of the council vehicle in the bay in Cranbrook Road last month.

He said: “I don’t know how long the car was there but it was around 10 in the morning.

“They are going around issuing tickets and then they park in an ambulance space. I think it’s double standards.”

Mr Tariq, of Holcombe Road, said he has not received a reply to a complaint he wrote to the council.

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The CCTV car is used to enforce parking restrictions and traffic regulations for road safety.

A Redbridge Council spokesman said legislation allows officers to park in restricted roads and bays.

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He added: “The enforcement officer did not leave the vehicle while parked in the bay and would have moved immediately if required to do so.

“While enforcement officers generally avoid parking in restricted bays, it is far more important that they park the CCTV vehicle safely, in a position where they are able to monitor the streets well so that it does not cause a hazard to other traffic.

“If a case should arise where an enforcement officer did not work within these directions, they would be regularly briefed and instructed on the correct procedures with appropriate action taken for any evidence of misuse.”

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