Council approves action plan to tackle climate crisis

Redbridge Council approves climate change action plan

Replacing the council's transport fleet with more environmentally-friendly vehicles - as pictured above - is one of more than 100 actions planned to tackle climate change. - Credit: Redbridge Council

Redbridge Council has approved plans to create a greener, cleaner and healthier borough.

The Climate Change Action Plan - a three-year strategy to address the climate crisis - was given the green light at last night's cabinet meeting (Tuesday, June 8).

Containing more than 100 action points, the plan aims to make Redbridge carbon neutral by 2030, and carbon zero by 2050.

Speaking at that meeting, councillor Jo Blackman said the council is taking a dual approach to tackling the issue.

It intends to reduce its own carbon footprint by implementing measures to tackle emissions from two major sources: council-owned buildings and vehicles.

The council also wants to help communities, businesses and residents do the same by introducing incentives to "shift behaviour".

The cabinet member for environment and civic pride said: "Emissions for which the council is directly responsible for make up only 2.4 per cent of borough-wide emissions, so it’s also important that we galvanise actions across the borough."

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Plans are already afoot to replace the council’s transport fleet with more environmentally-friendly vehicles, alongside increasing the number of electric vehicle charging points and offering better cycling infrastructure. 

New council developments will also incorporate solar panels, supporting low-income households to reach a C-rating Energy Performance Certificate through retrofitting.

The Redbridge Go Green Grant - a programme to help private landlords improve the energy efficiency of their homes - also launched this year.

The action plan arrives after councillors voted unanimously to declare a climate emergency in Redbridge two years ago.

Speaking ahead of last night's meeting, Cllr Blackman said: “We’ve already seen some great work taking place within the council and across the community to promote green growth in the borough.  

“This action plan builds on that, but it’s only chapter one of our response to the climate emergency. 

“We’ll continue to monitor our progress, respond to emerging technology and best practice, and work with partner organisations, businesses and communities to enable them to lead the way in responding to the climate emergency.” 

Council leader Jas Athwal promised the council is "committed" to the task ahead, but stressed that "we can’t do this alone".