Reassurances over CCTV after claim camera ‘missed’ South Woodford station attack

Councillors were called upon to defend the area’s CCTV and dispel the rumour it is turned off at night after a criticism from a member of the public.

Speaking in the public forum at the meeting in Sir James Hawkey Hall, Broomhill Road, Woodford Green on Tuesday, one resident said her neighbours had been attacked outside South Woodford Underground station late in the evening and left unconscious.

She was concerned at why the CCTV cameras did not pick up on the incident and asked if they are turned off after a certain time.

Cllr Ian Bond said: “We have one of the best systems in London with our office based in Ley Street.

“Despite what has been reported the cameras are on for 24 hours and are not switched off at midnight.

“However they are directional and normally very effective but there isn’t any guarantee everything will be seen.”

During the resident’s speech, she said: “Surely, South Woodford station is an obvious place to have the cameras focused on. A number of youths gather there regularly and it can be dangerous late at night.”

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Cllr Bond added: “This incident is very concerning and I am glad that we don’t have many like this. Unfortunately it is the luck of the draw whether the CCTV records it.

“There are less people operating the systems in the middle of the night, but they are always recording and manned.”

Cllr Linda Huggett said elderly residents had been left feeling worried about incidents such as the one highlighted, and urged the police to fill the empty safer neighbourhood team positions that are available.

Insp Chris Chandler said: “I am not aware of this incident but once a call has gone through to the police we aim to speak to the CCTV operators as soon as possible so they can angle the camera.

“Over the last seven years we have had a great response, including late at night.”